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A warranty that leads to ZERO waste from Valcucine

July 25, 2012

Check out Valcucine’s Guarantee


From Valcucine Milan to “Tulsa Tough”

June 1, 2012

Thirty spokes meet at the hub, but it is the central hole that makes the wheel useful.
We form clay to make a pot, but it is the empty space in the middle that makes the pot useful.
We cut out empty spaces for doors and windows in the walls of a room,
these opening make a room useful.
Therefore, full matter has its function, but essential usefulness is afforded by empty spaces.

(Lao Tzu)

Tulsa Tough volunteers surround Meccanica display that will soon be used by Bicycles of Tulsa to service bikes in the Pohlenz showroom

Over 100 volunteers listened to Tulsa Tough leaders, Malcolm McCollam and Tonja Pitzer announce new initiatives for Tulsa Tough 2012

Last night at the Pohlenz Showroom we were honored to host the volunteer party for Tulsa Tough.   Volunteers enjoyed delicious food from Keo including Bahn Mi and chicken potstickers which kept guest coming back for seconds! We are excited to participate in this exciting cycling event that is growing in popularity and gaining national and international attention.  There will be hundreds of professional racers representing various teams along with amateurs who will be racing over a three-day period in T-Town.  Pohlenz is incredibly proud to be a locally owned business representing the finest engineered kitchens in the world, Valcucine.  For this event, Valcucine sent us one of the new Meccanica displays that was sitting outside the main Valcucine showroom in Brera, Milan Italy where a bicycle mechanic performed tune ups and maintenance on Italian race bikes over the course of Design Week last month. (for images, click Flickr)


Meccanica is the newest system that is part of the Demode engineered by Valcucine products. Demode doesn’t want to be a mere “Made in Italy” furniture brand that has chosen care for detail, ergonomics, product quality and respect for the environment as the cornerstones of its design philosophy. Rather, it wants to transmit the conviction that it is possible to create a different future by re-elaborating and promoting a new culture.  Meccanica and demode are brand new  and follow the philosophy of degrowth (downsizing) and sustainability.  Below are the 8R principles that apply to these concepts.


Redistribute: to guarantee access to natural resources and to a fair distribution of wealth to all the inhabitants of the earth, ensuring work satisfaction and a dignified lifestyle to all. To plunder less rather than to give more.

Re-evaluate: to review the values we believe in and on which we organise our lives, changing those that must be changed. Selflessness must prevail over selfishness, cooperation over competition, the pleasure of having spare time to spend over the obsession of long work hours, the pleasures of social life over unlimited consumptions, local over global, beauty over efficiency, reason over rationality.

Renovate:  to adapt the economical-production structures, consumption models, social relations, lifestyles to this change in values in order to direct them towards a degrowth society. The more this renovation is radical, the more the systemic character of dominating values will be eradicated.

Re-locate: to primarily consume local products produced by companies supported by the local economy. Consequently, every economical decision must be taken on a local basis, with local needs in mind. Furthermore, if ideas must ignore frontiers, the transfer of goods and capitals must be reduced to a minimum, thus avoiding the costs connected to transport (infrastructures, but also pollution, greenhouse effect and climatic changes).

Reduce: both the impact on the biosphere of our production and consumption methods, and work hours. The consumption of resources must be reduced until it reaches the ecological capacities of one planet. The energetic power necessary for a decent standard of living (heating, personal hygiene, lighting, transportation, production of fundamental goods) is approximately equal to the power consumed by a small, continuously operating, radiator (1 kW).

Repair: to repair equipment and goods instead of throwing them into a dump, to overcome the obsession of the obsolescence of goods, functional to a consumption-oriented society, and the continuous need for something new. We are talking about lengthening the life-cycle of products.

Recycle: to recycle all the non-decomposable waste deriving from our activities.

Re-contextualise: to modify the conceptual and emotional context of a situation, or the point of view from which it is experienced, in order to change its meaning completely. This change is indispensable, for example, for the concepts of wealth and poverty, and even more urgently for those of scarcity and abundance, the “diabolical couple” that founded the economic imagery.

Keo food displayed on Invitrum for the volunteers to enjoy

Center for Design Research featured in State of the University

March 21, 2012

As the KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray gives the State of the University 2012, she is inside the Center for Design Research during the segment ‘Building Healthy Communities.”  The beautiful background of a Valcucine kitchen is perfect for her discussion on the important of health in communities.  Valcucine focuses research on anti-bacterial countertops and the over all hygene in the kitchen.

For more information on the Center for Design Research visit the Studio 804 website.  There is also a WordPress blog for CDR which provides a history and more information on the work performed at the Center.

Visit the link below to view the video…

State of the University

Once the video has begun to play, wait for the three topics to be displayed at the bottom and click on ‘Building Healthy Communities’ to go directly to the image including the Valcucine kitchen.


Small is the New Big- Pohlenz featured in Urban Tulsa Weekly

March 15, 2012

Check out the Urban Tulsa Weekly article by Nicci Atchley, ‘Small is the New Big’ featuring Pohlenz Cucine Moderne!

Valcucine presents The life-long responibility guarantee at Milano Design Week 2012

March 13, 2012

Valcucine presents The life-long responibility guarantee at Milano Design Week 2012

Click on the link to learn more about Valcucine’s Life-Long Responsibility Guarantee!

2011 in review!

January 2, 2012

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,700 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

December 23, 2011

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A “Shimmering Soiree” with Prairie Hive

December 15, 2011

Please take a look at the Prairie Hive December 2011/January 2012 magazine online.  We were happy to work with the gals of Prairie Hive to host a holiday photo shoot in our Tulsa showroom.  You can see the New Logica was the backdrop for the cool, modern holiday party decor featured in the article “Shimmering Soiree.”

We were delighted when we arrived back to work on the Monday after the weekend shoot and had a special treat on our desk: delicious cake pops.

We look forward to what Prairie Hive will discover and share in the online magazine during the new year!

Tulsa Time

November 16, 2011


A friend recently sent PCM a link to the design blog style/SWOON and much to our delight the ever hip blogger Samantha (Sam) Reitmayer Sano visited Tulsa.    AND found Center 1.   AND Pohlenz Cucine Moderne!

Check out the Tulsa time blog where architecture, design, and places in Tulsa are chronicled during a Labor Day visit to Tulsa .  Yes, we were closed (sadly!) but would love to invite Style/SWOON back to Tulsa anytime to take a peek at the modern kitchens of Valcucine and the rest of beautiful Italian lines we have to offer.  Just give us a ring and we will set up another Tulsa Time : )

Architect Magazine: CDR featured in the October Issue

November 4, 2011

Visit online and you will view the top stories from the October Issue on the front page.  Click on University of Kansas Center for Design Research. Voila. You have found the feature article dedicated to the Center for Design Research.  Pohlenz is proud to have played a part in this amazing project by Studio 804.  Way back in early July, while the temps were still rising above 100 degrees, the Pohlenz gang attended the grand opening of the CDR in Lawrence, KS and were in awe.  The CDR deserves all the recognition and we are flaunting our copy of Architect Magazine to all!

So if you do not have a copy or have not visited, please do.  Read the entire article which describes the extensive details of the modern, sustainable project. Once you make it to the bottom, find the link to Pohlenz Cucine Moderne under Sources: Furniture. On the PCM website you can take a look at all we have to offer as a modern design resource!

To find out more about Studio 804 and Professor Dan Rockhill, please visit

Hot off the Press

October 7, 2011

If you haven’t had a chance to open a copy of Oklahoma Magazine or Tulsa People this month you are missing out!

Pohlenz Cucine Moderne is proud to be featured in both of the publications this October.

New Logica System

Below, a quote from the Oklahoma Magazine article on Kitchen Trends, which features the New Logica System.  This incredible kitchen system is on display at Pohlenz Cucine Moderne, only the second display in the USA!

“Scott Pohlenz, president of Pohlenz Cucine Moderne, says the current economic environment has accelerated people’s needs to modify their lifestyle choices. People instinctively turn to their homes to rest and enjoy life more fully, so there is a need for a functional kitchen, he says.”

“There has been a welcomed return to utilizing the work triangle,” Pohlenz says. “This important planning concept addresses fundamental efficiencies in the kitchen.”

A sustainable lifestyle is what is in, especially when the kitchen is involved. Think renewable, recycled, environmentally safe and energy-efficient products in the kitchen.

Noce Tattile

The article in Tulsa People highlights the showroom renovations at Pohlenz Cucine Moderne.  The latest technologies from Valcucine are available to explore at PCM, including noce tattile, a rough walnut veneer which is displayed beautifully in the front of the showroom. 

Horm featured in Architect Magazine!

September 27, 2011

The Hexagon system from Horm was featured in this months Architect Magazine.  The Hexagon system was designed by architect Steven Holl, who has created an entire collection of furniture for Horm.  Just so happens you can purchase Horm through Pohlenz Cucine Moderne, right here in Tulsa!

Horm is a creative, beautiful line which allows designers and architects to collaborate with master ebony workers to create functional furniture.  As Horm describes on the website With its furniture and accessories, HORM offers the discerning customers a lifestyle that is at once essential yet characteristic, spontaneous yet refined, and always attentive to details.”

For further information about HORM and catalogs, please visit PCM in center 1     .   3402 south peoria ave


September 1, 2011

Mark your Calender for Thursday September 8th.  For the first year, Fashion’s Night Out is coming to Tulsa!

Shops in Utica Square and Brookside will remain open late along with millions of stores around the world, creating the largest shopping gala of the year.

Pohlenz Cucine Moderne will join other shops in Center 1 such as Little Black Dress, Abersons, Edit, and SR Hughes.  We are really excited for Tulsa to be a part of this global evening to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy, and put the fun back in shopping!

To find out more about Fashion’s Night Out -Tulsa visit facebook or

While strolling Center 1 on September 8th, please stop by PCM to check out our new showroom displays which feature the latest technology from Valcucine.

Thank you Dynamic Audio!

August 19, 2011

PCM would like to thank Dynamic Audio for creating the amazing lighting in our showroom.  While we thought the showroom looked good before, it really SHINES now!  Dynamic Audio installed the Lutron Radio RA 2 and the system allows us to control the lighting scenes through a remote control or iPhone.  We can now create different lighting scenes at night to emphasize various kitchen cabinets such as the Valcucine glass wardrobe in the front of the showroom or place a spotlight on the Valcucine Rondine hood so it really pops.  The light switches have been removed and replaced with a modern touch pad that has several programmed lighting scene options.

Our favorite part about the Radio RA2 has been the ease of use and exciting iPhone feature.  For example, while we are with a client in the conference room, we can turn down the lights to view a projector presentation easily with the iPhone app.   Scott Pohlenz can even change the lighting scenes from home once the bright morning sun starts shining in on the showroom in the early morning!  He can also control the showroom temperature from the iPhone app instead of going to the backroom to adjust all day long.

Dynamic Audio specializes in home audio and theater design and can assist you with an in home consultation, design plans, quote, and most importantly, full system training.  To learn more about Dynamic Audio, please visit .

PCM’s Biggest Event Yet- Thank You!

August 15, 2011

We have finally re-grouped after the spectacular event last Thursday here at PCM.  What a great turn out! We thank everyone so much for taking time to come down to Pohlenz and help us introduce the latest and greatest from Valcucine. The unveiling would not have been successful without the help and contributions from Edit, Metro Appliances, Gaggenau, and Dynamic Audio. Plus we have to give much thanks to our PCM installers who worked endlessly to prepare the showroom for the big night.

Throughout the evening the exclamations heard above all else were ‘Wow!’ ‘Amazing!’ and, our personal favorite, ‘This is the coolest kitchen I have ever seen!’  The enthusiasm from the attendees spread and by the end of the night our guests were showing friends and family the exciting new features in the kitchen displays.

Guests enjoyed delicious treats from East2U including fudge phyllo purses that were gobbled up in no time and refreshing sweet avocado tartlets.  Eats2U was so helpful and we cant wait to work with them again!

While the party has ended and all the sangria is gone, the beautiful kitchen displays are still present, so if you happen to have missed the event please come by Pohlenz Cucine Moderne.  We are so excited to have the latest technologies from Valcucine in Tulsa and look forward to showing you Noce Tattile and New Logica!

Gold Star for Jara Herron Salon!

August 8, 2011

Congrats to Jara Herron Salon for making the Elle’s Top 100 Salons in the United States.  In fact, 2 salons in TULSA made the list. Way to go!

For the full list of Salons, CLICK

We are proud to be neighbors with Jara Herron here at PCM!

For more information visit


July 28, 2011

Pohlenz Cucine Moderne is busy preparing the showroom for the New Logica and Noce Tattile kitchen displays to arrive TOMORROW!

The guys have lifted the built soffit into place…


And the finished soffit is patiently awaiting the Valcucine Rondine Venthood…

The Rondine Venthood is amazing- a piece of art for the kitchen.

And the Rondine Venthood in our showroom will be placed above a warm walnut island…

Come to Pohlenz Cucine Moderne on August 11, 2011 at 6pm to experience the Rondine Venthood in person and join us as we introduce our new Valcucine showroom kitchen displays.

Shout out to SR Hughes…

July 27, 2011

Please visit the SR Hughes blog NOW!

The post I love it, but my house isn’t modern is right on.  These are the guys who set the trend in Tulsa for modern design and know that mixing modern and traditional can create beautiful spaces.

So check it out and come visit Center 1 to put a little modern in your life.

Pohlenz Cucine Moderne New Showroom Event- August 11 6-9pm

July 25, 2011

A job (VERY) well done!

July 18, 2011

Congratulations to the 2011 Studio 804 on the hard work and completion of the Center for Design Research. What an incredible accomplishment!  A few of us from Pohlenz Cucine Moderne had the opportunity to attend the Grand Opening this past Saturday and each of us were literally in Awe with our jaws dropped to the ground.  The attention to detail was obvious and all the work was done by the 20 some graduate students in Studio 804; even down to cutting the stone tailings for the exterior of the building.  Equally impressive are the sustainable technological building advances involved in the project; the Center for Design Research is expected to receive LEED Platinum certification and be the first Commercial Certified Passive building in North America (The Passive House concept represents today’s highest energy standard with the promise of slashing the heating energy consumption of buildings by an amazing 90%. To learn more

The Grand Opening in Lawrence, KS began with a welcome from John Gaunt, Dean, School of Architecture, Design, and Planning.  There were further remarks by Provost Jeff Vitter and Greg Thomas, the Director for the Center for Design Research.  The final words were from Prof Dan Rockhill, the Director of Studio 804.  He  thanked everyone in attendance and went on to proudly introduce and explain each of the graduate students’ role in the construction of the Center.  It was inspiring to hear and see what a group of people could accomplish in just one semester! Prof Rockhill gave thanks to the many donations made to the Studio and a shoutout to Pohlenz Cucine Moderne/Dom Showrooms/Valcucine for the generous contribution of the white glass kitchen within the building. Valcucine’s sustainable business ethics coincide all too well with the mission for the Center for Design Research and we at PCM are delighted to be a part of the interdisciplinary collaboration in the research and development of consumer products and services.

Cutting the Ribbon!

While the clean, modern lines of the building might fool you to think the design is simple and the details small, read on to discover just a few of the amazing and complex features involved in the construction of this building. (as explained on the Notable Features of CDR handout from the Opening)

Trombe Wall

Thermal Mass: Implementing the passive strategies of the trombe wall, this stone wall will absorb the sun’s energy during the day and radiate the stored energy at night.

Energy Recovery System

Energy Recovery System: The two large hoods on the north side are for the Energy Recovery Ventilators and are the backbone of a very sophisticated heating and air conditioning system that provides a constant supply of fresh air into the very tight building.

Public Education of Sustainable Systems

 We (Studio 804 and the Center for Design Research) will educate the community about interactive and forthright building systems. A participatory screen is available in the entry to help explain the buildings systems.

Living Wall and Low V.O.C Finishes

Living wall: An installation of plants along the building’s north wall will help improve the indoor air quality of the space while utilizing grey-water harvested from the site.
Low V.O.C: These improve the indoor air quality of interior spaces.  Valcucine, a global leader in sustainable design, donated the cabinetry and tables to the project
Congratulations to Studio 804 on another wonderful project!


2011 Prize of Prizes for Innovation

July 14, 2011

The“Premio dei Premi per l’Innovazione 2011” goes to Gabriele Centazzo

from Valcucine News

“For the social and ecological awareness with which Valcucine, a company that expresses a business culture based on ethics, environmental friendliness and innovation, has been managed since the eighties.

The prize has been given to this commitment as an example for businessmen and designers to the aim of encouraging attention to sustainability as a method to be adopted, together with formal and functional research, in planning and producing design products.”

This is the reason why Gabriele Centazzo, president of Valcucine receives the “Premio dei Premi per l’Innovazione” (the 2011 Prize of Prizes for Innovation); for thirty years of business research activity into “Ethics, environment, innovation“, selected from the ADI Design Index 2010. The privileged location for the prize-giving ceremony is the Quirinal Palace where the prize will be awarded personally by the  President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano. 

This prestigious prize, established by the Ministry of public administration and innovation, is aimed at sustaining business initiatives in many sectors, rewarding creative activities so that a culture of change and innovation can be developed in our country.

The Italian Minister of Public Administration and Innovation, Renato Brunetta, has listed ADI amongst the reference associations for the Prize because of the value of the selections made by the Compasso d’Oro, that has been promoting Italian design for over 50 years, putting the innovative qualities of the project and of the product to the fore.  

For Valcucine, the “Premio dei Premi” is the crowning achievement at the end of a thirty-year long path paved with genius and passion: an important award for a manufacturing company whose profit is, above all, the consequence of an ethical and cultural process. A company that has always been guided by Nature that inspires the potentials to be expressed as well as the limits to be respected. 

Valcucine’s design is an “intellectual” one in which aesthetics and plenty of creativity go hand-in-hand and in which research into useful and beautiful things combines with respect for Man and for the environment.

You can view this article on the Valcucine webiste

Studio 804 Open House- July 16

July 7, 2011

click here for directions

Studio 804 Center for Design and Research

July 1, 2011

For the past day and a half, Pohlenz Cucine Moderne installers have been busy assembling a Valcucine kitchen within the 2011 Studio 804 Project in Lawrence, Kansas.  Pohlenz Cucine Moderne and Valcucine are thrilled to play a part in the ongoing Kansas University School of Architecture Studio Project, which has been in place for 15 years and is consistently recognized world-wide.  PCM would like to especially thank Brian Jevremov of Dom Showrooms for his support and enormous contribution to Studio 804.  This year the Project took a turn from residential design, building a Center for Design and Research on the KU campus in Lawrence.  The following KU News Release announced the project back in February Studio 804 to build innovative sustainable energy center at KU.

Scott Pohlenz accompanied the installers to the site and texted pictures back to the PCM showroom with the simple, yet tell all, statement “It’s superb.”  Catch a glimpse of the almost complete Center for Design and Research in the following image…

The building will promote collaboration between students, faculty, and the public on the newest technologies in architecture, design, and sustainable living.  The Valcucine kitchen installation within the building can be seen in the images below…


Find out more about past projects completed by Studio 804 as well as view the weekly progress of the Center for Design and Research by visiting  The students involved in the Studio along with Dan Rockhill are shown in the weekly photos actively building and planning.  The weekly progress also explains the details of various sustainable design methods integrated in The Center for Design and Research which will be one of the first LEED platinum certified buildings on the KU campus and in Lawrence, KS.

The completed Valcucine kitchen is composed of white glossy glass uppercabinets and base cabinets.  A Mutabilis Table with a white mat glass top stands in front of the back wall cabinet arrangment.  The display looks beautiful in the already spectacualr space.

An open house will be held on July 16 at the Center for all to view the completed project! Check back here for more details on the Open House schedule of events.

For directions to the Center for Design and Research, click –Studio 804, Inc. Directions

Valcucine winner of Furniture Systems Design at AZ Awards

June 20, 2011

construction has begun…

June 1, 2011

As our brand new kitchen displays are floating across the ocean, we are busy preparing the showroom!  The New Logica System will be sparkling  in the front of the showroom and you can sneak a peek at the progress of construction below…


We will keep you updated as the showroom transforms.  Also,  look out for a save the date for a pohlenz cucine moderne event to introduce Valcucine’s latest technologies to Tulsa!

Milano Design Week 2011

May 24, 2011

Take a look at the beautiful photos taken during Milano Design Week 2011.  Valcucine Laundry is on display along with other exciting new technology from Valcucine, including the New Logica System.

The tree.

April 20, 2011

“The tree is the only factory in the world that produces wood and runs on solar energy and nothing else. It uses carbon dioxide as its raw material and eliminates oxygen as waste.”

Valcucine has long been known as the industry leader for glass technology.  The former is no tall tale.  As you can see in any Valcucine glass kitchen, the engineering is superb and the kitchen is drop dead gorgeous.  For the new year of 2011, Valcucine has refocused on wood finishes.  We at PCM are GIDDY with excitement. There have always been rich wood veneers available however, the new wood veneers have stepped up to challenge the glass beauty.  Feast your eyes upon Noce Tattile…

The breath-taking rough sawn walnut brings natural life and warmth back to the modern kitchen.  And this is just one example.  The Elm finish has the same rough texture and horizontal lines as Noce Tattile, but adds the brilliant light of elm wood to kitchen cabinetry. 

Finally, the dark oak veneer currently displayed in our showroom front, has been transformed to Lati wood veneer. Lati is a very dark, rich veneer with a black tone.  Below is a detailed image of the Lati veneer…

Pohlenz Cucine Moderne will be remodeling the entire showroom during the 2011 year.  All of the new Valcucine wood finishes will be incorporated into the updated kitchen displays.  We will keep you posted on timing so check back soon and often!

actBIG was a big success!

April 18, 2011

Thank you to all those who dared the storms and joined actBIG at the Harwelden Mansion for the first annual Autism Affair.  The storms tried to cancel the hard work and preparation of the actBIG fundraiser, but in the end the clouds parted, the sun came out, and people arrived.  Attendees enjoyed delicious wine and yummy food catered by Bohemia

Guests browsed the silent auction till 8:30 when the excitement of the live auction began!  Items included a sushi night from In the Raw at the Pohlenz Cucine Moderne Showroom, a weekend trip to Kansas City to watch a Royals game, and the cutest Morkie puppy you have ever seen!  The overall night was a great success and we are currently calculating the total numbers…check back here later in the week for a grand total of funds that will go directly to the Autism Center of Tulsa!



grand entry surrounded by a balloon puzzle arch- built by PCMs own Michael!

Bohemias delicious toffee along with other desserts and guests browsing the silent auction

‘Kitchens Play Hide and Seek’

April 7, 2011

Check out this article recently published in The Wall Street Journal ‘Kitchens Play Hide and Seek’

The article highlights kitchen designers hiding the appliances behind kitchen cabinetry and opening the kitchen space to sitting areas within the home.  We are thrilled to see this design concept come to America.  Valcucine has been treating the kitchen cabinetry as furniture for years.  We love the clean, sleek look of backwall towers, finished in glass, hiding the refrigerator and freezer.  In the images below, you can see the beautiful white glass towers concealing the refrigerator and freezer stacks.  The bottom image reveals the hidden appliances.

Another appliance that can be hidden away is the dishwasher.  We can place a door panel on dishwashers in order to fully integrate the appliance.  The door finish can be several different finishes including glass, wood veneer, laminate, or aluminum. 

Stop by Pohlenz Cucine Moderne to explore our kitchen displays and find the hidden appliances!

actBIG for Autism Affair 2011

April 1, 2011

get out your aprons!

March 31, 2011

Recently, 2 staff members of Pohlenz Cucine Moderne attended a Gaggenau training week in Scottsdale, Arizona at the BSH showroom.  While the Biltmore and Taliesin were ultra inspirational +beautiful, we can not stop talking about the Gaggenau appliances.  The sleek, bead blasted stainless steel exterior opens to reveal a striking deep blue interior.  However pretty this appliance may look, and it looks real good, it performs even better!  The deep blue interior is not only the true color of the ceramic used in manufacturing, but it also reveals the real colors of the food in combination with the professional interior lighting.  No longer do you need to open the door and ruin that perfect souffle, just turn on the oven lights to reveal true food colors through the clear glass window.

After long hours of training, we were able to cook our own lunch inside the Gaggenau appliance showroom.  And by lunch I mean the feast meant for kings which we prepared for nearly 2 hours.  Just view the pictures below and your mouth will begin to water..



feast of flatbread pizza, fresh ahi tuna, pulled pork, etc!

freshly broiled lobster, you can see the beautiful blue ceramic used within the appliances.

We were able to experience cooking with all the available Gagganau appliances including the Steam Oven (our favorite!!!!!), Modular Cooking units, Single Ovens, convection cook tops, and professional refrigerator/freezer units. Using the appliances was so easy, our entire class had the desire to cook and gained our trust as the most professional grade appliances offered for residential.  There are so many more exciting facts and features of the brand to discuss so please stop in and ask us about the Gaggenau training experience!

you will be amazed.

March 25, 2011

Simply click on the link below, watch, and be amazed.

2011 IDS: Dom Showrooms

Then get excited because the New Logica System will be installed at Pohlenz Cucine Moderne summer 2011.

We can’t wait.

February 22, 2011

The Grand Opening of the Design Resources showroom was a delightful evening filled with good wine, delicious food, and meeting many new faces in Oklahoma City.  The evening began with a ribbon cutting and certificate presentation by the Chamber of Commerce.  As you can see below in the photo Michael Smith (Design Resources, center) was presented with the OKC Chamber of Commerce certificate, along with Scott Pohlenz (Pohlenz Cucine Moderne, right) and Roger Owings (Phonograph, left).

The Design Resources showroom displays a wide array of Lutron blinds and custom drapery beautifully.  The home theater system installed within the showroom by Phonograph is impressive. The screen is huge and crystal clear, while the sound carried nicely throughout the space.  Our own white glass kitchen by Valcucine was a central space for guests to gather, nibble on the appetizers, and share design dialogue.  As you can tell from the pictures below, the space was hoppin’ with people!

We also transported the modern furniture located in the back of our showroom down to Design Resources.  Below, the image displays guests during the Grand Opening chatting away on the Domodinamica sofa and Tacchini chairs + coffee table.  Both are high quality, Italian furniture lines we represent. 

If you are in the Oklahoma City area and would like to schedule and appointment, please contact our Tulsa showroom at 918-749-5144.  Our Sales Representative, Mike Merrill, is free to meet any day of the week.  We look forward to building relationships in Oklahoma City!

You are cordially invited.

February 17, 2011

Today is the big day. 

The grand opening of the new Design Resources showroom in Oklahoma City is tonight.  At PCM, we are excited to join with Phonograph and Design Resources to share the latest technology in sound systems, drapery, lighting, and kitchen cabinetry.  Clients and designers alike will be able to go to Design Resources to view the modern design and ultimate technology of Valcucine. Get excited to be impressed.   Please stop by to view the beautiful new space, along with an all glass Valcucine kitchen display. The date, time, and location are below.  We hope to see meet you there!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

February 3, 2011

WOW.  That was a BIG blizzard.  In fact, the most snowfall in one day- EVER -for Tulsa at 14″.  The previous record for Tulsa was 12.9″ in March 1994 (officially stated by  As the image shows, the snow is piled high in front of the Pohlenz Showroom!


PCM Showroom was shutdown on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 1 and 2.  As you can see from the picture below, if you need to enter the showroom from the back door, please bring a shovel (which every hardware store in Tulsa has been sold out of since Tuesday!).  Finally, thanks to the wonders of engineering in a Jeep+4 wheel drive, a few of us were able to make it down Brookside and into work today, Thursday, February 3.  There seems to be life slowly creeping back to Brookside, with Pohlenz,  Blue Moon Bakery, and SR Hughes opening their doors to clients and customers that can manage to plow through the 14″ of snow and escape their homes.  There are still many cars abandoned in the major and side streets, and travel is not recommended to Tulsans. So please, be safe and stay inside enjoying hot chocolate + fires if you are not forced to leave!  

PCM Back Entrance

If you happen to get out and wander down Brookside feel free to stop in and say hello!  We have a cozy furniture arrangement in the back of the space waiting for chit-chat and crazy blizzard stories. We look forward to you stopping in…

OKC yipppeee!

January 28, 2011

The Pohlenz Staff loaded up and headed to Oklahoma City yesterday for the Architecture after 5 event at the new Design Resources showroom.  Design Resources reached out to Pohlenz Cucine Moderne  and The Phonograph to set up a strategic partnership in order to create a complete lighting, shade, sound, and home kitchen experience all within one showroom.  The event, sponsored by AIA Central Oklahoma, was set to last from 5:00-6:30 and around 8:00pm the last of the large crowd shuffled out.  We enjoyed meeting several Oklahoma City architects, designers, artists, and reps within the new space.  As you can see below, the Valcucine glass kitchen was in the center of all the action.

Architecture After 5

There is a grand opening planned for February 17th so mark your calendars NOW!  We cant wait to go back down to meet with more of the design community and end users, plus visit our Valcucine showroom display we have been missing so much.  Visit your favorite PCM blog soon for further details regarding the Design Resources grand opening bash. We are looking forward to viewing the complete showroom!
Side note: PCM staff has to give a shout out to the delicious, mouth-watering food consumed for lunch at The RePUBlic located in the Classen Curve.  Among the most raved about cuisine; RePUBlic Burger, Classen Burger, Fish and Chips, and the Knife and Fork BLT. Come to think of it we are still talking about each item consumed! 

Oklahoma City…Pohlenz has arrived!

January 26, 2011

Driving by the Pohlenz Showroom on Monday you may have noticed a bit of a mess.  We apologize for the de-constructed kitchen parts in the front of the showroom. However, this demonstrates the ease at which you can actually take your Valcucine kitchen with you wherever you move.  This practice has been prominent in Europe for quite a long time and why not? You spend time, energy, money, and not to mention emotional investment when you purchase a kitchen.  It is certainly a nice option to be able to deconstruct the kitchen and install in a new home all within about a short period of time (it took us less than 2 days).  

A fond Tulsa farewell to the white glass Valcucine kitchen!


Now you may wonder the reason for taking this kitchen apart…and I will share.  Pohlenz is now going to have a remote showroom display in Oklahoma City.  We have joined with Design Resources to place the Valcucine glass kitchen in their brand new showroom space.  We look forward to working with the Oklahoma City Design Community as well as end users.  The Tulsa showroom has been re-arranged for the time being.  We now have the Invitrum system (first 100% recyclable all glass kitchen) displayed front and center along with our Mutabilis glass table.  (Now you can spy on us daily having meetings in the front of the showroom.) 

Our installers are in Oklahoma City as we speak making sure the kitchen looks perfect for the new space.  The first, pre-grand opening, event at the Design Resources showroom occurs this Thursday, January 26: Architecture after 5.  Please visit the AIA Central Oklahoma Website for more details.  And check back here (our blog) for further information about the grand opening event in Oklahoma City!

Shelving Systems

January 20, 2011

Pohlenz Cucine Moderne is proud to be the exclusive dealer for MisuraEmme, in Oklahoma, Texas, and the surrounding states.  MisuraEmme has been producing quality home products since 1939.  The line  includes a wide range of beautiful products including beds, walk-in closets, wardrobes, and shelving systems.  As you saw when opening this blog, the shelving systems are exquisite.  Not only does this system offer several wood and lacquer finishes, but it can be designed to custom fit your home.  Each component of the shelving system is designed to work together to create an overall composition of tension and line.  Every cabinet, lift up or flap down, can be wall hung to offer storage in the living room and still integrate with the shelving panels.

MisuraEmme is similar to Valcucine in that the product is gorgeous AND the company respects the environment.  MisuraEmme uses only water-soluble spraying plants and has won the mark Aquaver from ANVER ( Associazione Verniciatori Italiani) which certifies that they are using varnishes that have a low environmental impact. 

The above image shows a MisuraEmme closet system installed within our showroom.  This dark brown melamine closet is totally modular and each section can be rearranged to fit within a particular space.  The closet system shows MisuaEmme fine quality and attention to detail.  This particular display model is actually for sale due to the showroom remodel that will take place in Spring of 2011 (get excited to see ALL new Valcucine kitchen displays at Pohlenz Cucine Moderne!).

Hidden Away

January 13, 2011

If you have not been drooling through the images of The New Logica System daily, almost obsessively, like we have here at PCM, you are missing out.  Take a look…

New Logica System

The concept is simple but the engineering is complex and only available through Valcucine.  The entire back section can be closed, leaving only the beautiful glass (or any of the available door finishes) of the doors to be seen by house guests.  The top portion is a flip-up door with a counter balance while the lower portion slides down behind the counter top.  Perfect for an open floor plan, the New Logica System treats the kitchen as one unit of furniture, allowing enough storage for all appliances and various kitchen utensils.

Utensil holder and weigh scale located within the New Logica System

 As Valcucine explains

 ” Everything on hand, everything tidy in an instant.  Valcucine has always focused on satisfying customers’ requirements and has painstakingly researched into the use of traditional kitchens to this aim.  The result has been the perfection of a few aspects that improve the interaction of Man with the while kitchen “system.”  After having revolutionized ergonomics by presenting the Logica System in 1996 with its 80 cm depth and equipped back section, removable jumbo drawers and wall units with Ala and Aerius Lift-up doors, Valcucine is now presenting the new equipped back section.  The back section is capable of containing and concealing, when necessary, all the kitchen equipment: the dish drainer, weighing scales, small appliances, removable cooking receptacles, bottle-racks, power sockets, a monitor, a kitchen roll holder, the tap, hooks for utensils, and even a cooker hood.”

The glowing backpanel of the New Logica System

Pick up Oklahoma Magazine TODAY!

January 4, 2011

Here at PCM, we are starting off the year right.  We took a week off to re-group, catch up on much-needed sleep, and relax. As of yesterday, we are BACK and excited to work with our clients in the new year!

How better to start off the new year than to share with all of Oklahoma (and now the world of bloggers) a beautiful Demode kitchen?   In the current (January 2011) issue of Oklahoma Magazine, Tulsa Designer Doug Campbell’s townhouse is featured.  Campbell lives in one of the Modern 5 townhouses located near downtown Tulsa.  The kitchen, shown below, has rich dark oak melamine base cabinets and warm rope colored upper cabinets. The upper cabinets are not only special because they are easily accessible with lift up doors, but the door finish is glossy glass to add a special pizzazz on the back wall of the kitchen.  Also included within the upper cabinet above the cook top is the vent hood, hidden so the clean line of the uppers can extend into the pantry space. The dishwasher is fully integrated on the back wall of base cabinets, with the same finish of dark oak on a panel covering the appliance.  This kitchen displays how Pohlenz Cucine Moderne can provide a warm kitchen while staying true to functional modern design ideals. 

We wish you all a Happy New Year!

2010 in review

January 3, 2011

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Minty-Fresh™.

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2010. That’s about 5 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 14 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 82 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 21mb. That’s about 2 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was July 30th with 28 views. The most popular post that day was Rockhill was on fire!!!.

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for pohlenz cucine moderne, kansas, cucine moderne, greensburg kansas tornado 2007, and kansas tornado.

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These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Rockhill was on fire!!! June 2010


Inside Modern Design Event March 2010


About PCM March 2010


A Lecture by Dan Rockhill June 2010


Valcucine ARTE October 2010

Barstools Galore!

December 6, 2010

Avoid This


Many of us have spent hours browsing the internet for the perfect bar stool.  Or driving around Tulsa, finding construction on every corner, in search of the bar stool that will finally finish the kitchen before the holiday party.  Looking for the exact height, finish, seat size, and most importantly, color can be exhausting.


Pohlenz Cucine Moderne has a great selection of modern Italian bar stools that will help complete the kitchen or bar area in your home.  Simply click on the links below to find the manufacturer’s website and browse all available styles.  Some styles can even be quickshipped to arrive just in time for the family holiday gathering!



Babar Bar Stool

Catifa Bar Stool

Boum Bar Stool

Dart Bar Stool

Cubo Bar Stool

Lem Bar Stool


Design Ideology

December 3, 2010

Valcucine has been practicing sustainable design since the founding of the company thirty years ago.  Although ‘green’ design is popular now, it hasn’t always been the trend.  However, Valcucine does not follow trends, it just so happens environmental sustainability has always been at the forefront of design.   Valcucine has stayed close to the 4 principles of environmental friendliness: dematerialization, recyclability, reduction of toxic emissions, and long product life.

Harvard has conducted a case study on Valcucine, “Design Ideology: How companies, like Valcucine, are using design to compete on the ideological merits of their products.”  Check out the slide show for images of the Valcucine factory in Pordenone, Italy.  Also, be sure to read the section Desire, Risk, and Opportunity which features an interview with Founder Mr. Centazzo.


celebrate. give. win.

November 2, 2010

come to center 1 on the evening of thursday, november 11 to celebrate.  explore all the shops and restaurants of center 1 while modern jazz fills the air. 

 pohlenz cucine moderne is participating in the silent auction this year with exciting prizes, all in time to kick-start the holiday season. 

more info.

Hotel Palomar

All Things CAKE

PCM website. check.

October 27, 2010

You are the first to know…PCM has just launched a website. Please don’t be quiet. Tell everyone you know.

 Architects, designers, contractors, and end users can now view all the Italian product lines we represent in addition to Valcucine.  Best of all, images of several kitchen installations located in Tulsa and surrounding states can be viewed.  We have done kitchen installations in many different settings, from a traditional mid-town Tulsa home to a modern high-rise condominium and now the images are available to view via our portfolio on the website.   

Modern town home Demode kitchen

 In addition to kitchen installations, the website reveals PCM has been working on so many other architectural and interior projects over the last year and a half.  The website showcases a beautiful glass and steel stair installation in Tulsa manufactured by Edilco.  We have also worked on Toscoquattro bathroom vanities and door dividers using the impressive Italian line Rimadesio.  One of the projects we have enjoyed the most was working on a multi-unit project called 119 Downtown, where PCM was not only involved in the kitchen design, but also space planning for the building.

There is a lot of information to digest on the site, so relax, pour yourself a coffee, and enjoy exploring the beautiful product lines PCM represents. 

Feel free to contact Pohlenz Cucine Moderne with any questions regarding our product or Valucine.  We look forward to adding luxery to your life.


October 25, 2010

Aerius wall cabinet with yellow glass door

 The Aerius wall cabinet, introduced by Valcucine, reformed the way we design kitchens.  A typical kitchen layout is based around upper cabinets, segmented into smaller modules such as 24″ and 48″.  I am sure you have experienced cooking in the previously described kitchen layout, where searching for the correct ingredients means opening and closing several upper cabinet doors.  May we present the Aerius wall cabinet.  The light weight Aerius door is on a balance mechanism and lifts up to stay up, allowing the cook to view the entire interior of the cabinet at once.  Not only is the design practical, the cabinet is beautiful.

The lightweight and sturdy carcass has been constructed entirely in glass and aluminum to make it 100% recyclable.  Complying with another basic enviornmental-friendliness criteria, dematerialization, the carcass is produced by reducing the consumption of raw materials by 70%.  The structure, available in 15 different sizes from 90 to 300 cm in width, makes it possible to eliminate double side panels that would be inevitable if various modules were fitted side-by-side.  The new carcass is also designed to accommodate a LED lighting system and a bar with accessories in its structure.  This worktop lighting innovation offers remarkable advantages in terms of material and energy consumption that is most notably less than that of common incandescent lamps, as well as advantages in terms of duration (100,000 h of constant luminosity).  The 8mm thickness gives the bar linearity and means that it takes up a very small space.  Furthermore, the LED bulbs ensure a stable light even if the carcass vibrates, do not emit ultraviolet or infrared rays and do not shed heat as is usually the case for other light sources.  To satisfy practical requirements, easy access has been created to services that are usually located behind the unit.  It is therefore possible to remove the back panel, which can be personalized in various colors, without moving the unit.  The carcass has been designed to be illuminated inside by exploiting external light to the utmost: this is why the material of which it is composed is transparent and expensive internal illumination systems become unnecessary.

The lightness of the carcass is combined with an extra-light balanced lift up door.  The lift-up door has been created by considering the ancient need of Man for freedom.  This feeling has been associated by the designer to the image of flight and lightness.  The new door is distinguished by a very light honeycomb aluminum structure to which various finishing materials can be applied.  The lift-up door is fitted with a balancing device that makes it easy to open without the use of hinges, pistons, frictions and springs that are subject to wear.  It can be opened by a simple upward touch of the hand that gives total access to the interior space.  In this way it is possible to work comfortably with the door open, avoiding continuous opening and closing actions required by traditional doors.


Come into Pohlenz Cucine Moderne and experience The Aerius wall cabinet.


Valcucine ARTE

October 12, 2010

Back Wall Wardrobe Image by Sandro Chia

Above image shows red gloss glass island with back wall wardrobe in Artematica Vitrum Arte.  The artist Sandro Chia created the drawing which Valcucine custom produced on glass doors through the  Arte Process.


Unrestrainable in its creativity, Valcucine destroys the barrier of lines and volumes giving vitality and expressive power to the surfaces of its most exclusive kitchen: Artematica Vitrum.  After three years of research, Valcucine has developed a technique to make inlaid doors on glass. A highly technological process that has its roots in handicraft tradition and that emphasises the priceless value of handmade workmanship.  A new way of conceiving furniture that frees the imagination and makes it possible to personalize every single kitchen with decors offered by young artists, by the designer, or even by your own creativity.  By means of the Artematica Vitrum Arte System, Valcucine has created space for your freedom.
Vitrum is the first kitchen with doors, tops, and glass guaranteed for 15 years.



Below is a video showing the Arte process of taking a drawing from paper to create an image on glass doors for a wardrobe in the kitchen.

Come into Pohlenz Cucine Moderne to view the graphic images and color options for Artematica Vitrum Arte.  Clients can also bring in personal sketches or children’s artwork to create a custom image on glass for a table, kitchen cabinet doors, or wall wardrobe.

One option for Arte created by Valcucine, called Mucca Chic

Thank you.

October 8, 2010

Thanks to everyone who stopped by PCM for the Center 1 Inside Modern Design Event!  The showroom was filled with talk of the newly installed Rimadesio doors.  The Italian manufacturer of doors, sliding systems, walk in closets, and bookcases knows modern design.  The PCM showroom features a dark, smokey glass, four panel system which nicely creates privacy for the back office and yet still allows an open showroom plan.  The system includes soft closing pistons, an extruded aluminum frame wrapped with real wood veneer, and a tempered glass 8mm thick.  The doors are made to measure which means you specify the width and height!  The technology behind Rimadesio is really shown when doors reach heights above 9′ tall.  We chose the Velaria line for the showroom with open glass panels but several other door designs and glass options are available.

Velaria Sliding System

It was great to see clients and architects at PCM last night and if you happened to miss out, come by and see the beautiful product Rimadesio has to offer.

Guests enjoy wine and food during Thursday nights event

People gather around the Glass kitchen display

Inside Modern Design

October 4, 2010

Please stop by Center 1 this Thursday, October 7, for the Inside Modern Design event.  Enjoy the cool fall weather while strolling along Brookside and check out all Center 1 stores have to offer.  Pohlenz Cucine Moderne’s doors will be open so feel free to come in and cozy up with a glass of wine!

Man, Sand, and Wind

September 30, 2010


If you have not driven down Brookside this final week of September, you have missed the new window display on the front of Pohlenz Cucine Moderne. In bright, bold orange, the quote “man should not make marks in the sand that can not be cancelled by the wind” flows across the glass front of our showroom.  The quote is from Mr. Centazzo, one of the founding partners of Valcucine in 1980.  The quote encompasses the philosophy behind the Italian kitchen company since the beginning, some 30 years ago.  Valcucine strongly believes industry accumulates a debt with nature and must give back what resources have been taken in order to restore natural balance.  In order the give back, Valcucine supports Bioforest, the association for the regeneration of natural environments. 

  To discover more historical background on Valcucine, please visit the Histories page on

Pohlenz Cucine Moderne window display